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Amiri Homes is a long-term strategic plan of the leadership team to reinforce the Amiri Group’s presence within the residential market – harnessing the reputation of Amiri to create a new identity in the development sector.

Led by Adrian Cator as Managing Director, Amiri Homes collaborates with a variety of partners; land owners, promoters, local authorities, registered housing providers and funders to deliver higher quality housing developments and new communities within the south-central region.

Be it land promotion, speculative private development or mixed tenure affordable housing delivery, our teams work in an accessible and collaborative way to provide consistent and personalised support to all of our customers.


A partner of choice, with a strong brand emphasis on design aesthetic, superior build quality, product specification and sustainability, Amiri Homes is passionate about creating exceptional environments for people to enjoy.









Contact Us 

Adrian Cator - Managing Director 


07795 684444