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Park View

Park View 7.5M
Client Guinness Partnership
Location Basingstoke

The development of a land-locked site, with existing residential properties. The removal of an existing factory building and the construction of 70 new flats that were to be handed ‘turnkey’ to the Guinness Partnership. We were managing the expectations of both the client and the end-user client, the Guinness Partnership. 

The project was constructed on a land-locked site with built-up residential and retail buildings surrounding it. The site entrance was at an awkward angle, with access and egress from a narrow residential street allowing parking on the road. The site access was across the existing £4m residential block that had also been undertaken by Amiri, which remained occupied throughout. 

An exemplary project for testing our covid procedures before opening up all other sites. This was one of the projects halted for 6 weeks because of the Covid pandemic, but with a complete reprogramme and the engagement/buy-in from sub-contractors and suppliers to the new programme, we were able to deliver to the original completion date. 

 The project delivers a mixture of tenures, with the new build element comprising entirely of affordable accommodation. The architecture reflects the industrial and rectilinear language found within the surrounding context, utilising industrial materials in a considered way to provide high quality social and market housing. Large glazed elements ensure that new apartments deliver good quality daylight, backed by a BRE daylight assessment and all new apartments feature MVHR and cutting-edge electric combination boilers.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability – we recycled all waste materials to our previous client. Basingstoke College of Technology, for whom we delivered the Construction Skills Centre and the recladding of Blocks E, F & G, so that they were able to use them in their construction classes. Landscaping was developed to provide green spaces.

Local employment and inclusive growth by the creation of a community employment plan. 85% of the supply chain came from <25 miles of site – the gateman and a labourer could walk to site. There were 8 apprentices/trainees on site throughout the course of the contract.

Site team recognition – The site team were awarded a Gold award on site, which is an Amiri first, that recognises exceptional effort and commitment to all aspects of the project and particularly health, safety and the environment. As well as a certificate for the site office the team were all awarded with individual vouchers to enjoy with their families. 

This project encouraged careers in the industry by, not only creating a local employment plan, but also employing 8 apprentices on the site and recycling all waste material to be used in construction classes in a local college.