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The Amiri way

At Amiri we are passionate about what we do and want our clients to know that their project is important to us.  We are problem solvers and bring new ideas with fresh eyes to deliver our client’s vision. We will listen and learn from you, delivering exactly what you want with no surprises.


The DIRECT approach

We have developed our DIRECT approach that makes sure that the Amiri experience delivers a delighted client and an environment for people to enjoy.


Dedication by the team, led by a Director, committed to delivering your project without compromise.


Innovation is considered and developed as standard. Our innovation may not revolutionise the world but our know-how and knowledge will bring you a better build.


Responsiveness as a listening organisation we will adapt our work to suit your evolving needs.


Expectation of a great project experience is what we set right from the beginning. Accept nothing less.

Communication makes a great team and our open approach to engagement at all levels ensures we build lasting relationships.


Trust is what turns a good project experience into the Amiri project experience - exceptional.

Value proposition

Our Vision

Creating exceptional environments for people to enjoy.

Our Mission

We are passionate about creating exceptional environments that people will enjoy. We live your vision until it becomes your reality. Our journey together is about delighting you with the Amiri experience.


Core Strengths


We are good problem solvers, that respond to our client’s needs with solutions that work.


We look at things differently, with a fresh approach. We bring creativity and live our client’s vision until it becomes our client’s reality.

Relationship Building

We listen to what you want and experience the project together. We provide confidence and our client trusts us.


Our knowledge and know-how help to deliver a better project, one that everyone can take pride in and one that improves environments.


Core Values

Lead with passion

We love our work. Delighting our clients and those involved with our work is important to us. We make sure that everyone is engaged and that there is success for everyone.

Listen and learn

What people feel about what we do is important and we listen to people and want to learn from different experiences. We share our knowledge and know-how and make sure that we create an inclusive environment.

Build better

We build better. Better relationships, better understanding and better experiences. We are innovative, creative and versatile. We keep up to date with trends and strive for continuous improvement.