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Pumping at Petersfield!

Blog update


Autumn certainly hasn’t been kind to us so far at our Petersfield site! The Blogging Team were glad to have a cup of tea and a catch up in the office with Site Manager Lee Wilkinson and trainee Dan before getting their boots muddy!

Onsite the mood of the ground workers was very positive despite the heavy rain. The excavations for the pads and beams is almost complete, with pumps running daily to keep the water out. The extensive concrete pouring will begin shortly and is due to be completed in early November.

As we head towards the festive season the steel will begin to arrive ready for the main frame assembly. Fingers are crossed for some dry weather for Lee and his team over the coming weeks.


Click here for the YouTube video

The Amiri Blog Team

Ben Small and Chris Lewis, aka “The Blogging Team” are a key part of our Marketing and Business Development supply chain. They work closely with the Site Management teams on selected projects to digitally catalogue progress and share insight and technical information across our social media platforms.