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Altar-ations begin at St Paul’s!

Blog update 


Almost as soon as the bells had finished ringing at the end of the Harvest Festival service at St Paul's Winchester, Amiri began work on this exciting project. The aim is to turn St Paul's into a dynamic and focused worshipping centre and community hub fit for the 21st Century. Although the church itself is only about 120 years old it is on the site of an old Saxon church and burial ground.


The Blogging Team visit many churches in and around Surrey and Hampshire and were very interested in the redevelopment of St Paul's. Chris and Ben's first visit to St Paul's certainly didn't disappoint and with the old floor boards already lifted they were amazed at how much progress has been made. 



Within the church the new large curved dais step has been built and it instantly creates a more open and welcoming feel to the altar area. Work has started on the new viewing gallery mezzanine foundations, and external drainage alterations have also begun.



The redevelopment of the church will include many upgrades such as a self-replenishing font, feature stone works and modifications to the stunning stained glass windows to allow them to open. Interesting building techniques will also be employed including the use of a Recycled Foam Glass insulation layer topped off with a heated Lime Slab.  



The Blogging Team visit was very close to Remembrance Sunday and as a mark of respect we removed the protective coverings from the panelling commemorating those who fell during the World Wars.



Thanks to all the Amiri Special Works Team who could not have been more helpful.


Click here for the YouTube video  


The Amiri Blog Team

Ben Small and Chris Lewis, aka “The Blogging Team” are a key part of our Marketing and Business Development supply chain. They work closely with the Site Management teams on selected projects to digitally catalogue progress and share insight and technical information across our social media platforms.