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The Amiri Blog Team

Since August 2015 we have worked with Ben Small and Chris Lewis, aka “The Blogging Team” who are a key part of our Marketing and Business Development supply chain. They work closely with the Site Management teams on selected projects to digitally catalogue progress and share insight and technical information across our social media platforms.  

Ben and Chris first came to our attention when they were appointed by Andover College to provide an on-line story for the build of the new Skills Centre project in 2015/16. With a great deal of passion and dedication their work impressed the Project Manager with their desire to learn about the construction process and its intricacies as well as capturing the design detailing and social interactions that happen on a project. As the scheme progressed and we saw their professionalism it became obvious that we’d like to use their skills to record other projects. 

Ben was born with a rare congenital medical condition called Septo-Optic Dysplasia.  This means that he has mild learning difficulties, but, refusing to be limited by his condition, he attended a Special School where he first met Chris, who was one of his teachers. Ben went on to local further education colleges and did very well in both Media and Business Studies. 

Chris and Ben were reunited when Chris retired from teaching and Ben left college. With the support of the Surrey Independent Living Council Chris became Ben’s ‘Buddy’ and the pair have become a formidable photography team, working on projects for companies and organisations across Surrey and Hampshire. The friendly duo are now an established part of the Amiri family and we are proud to call them our Blogging Team!