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Up on the roof!

Blog update

It’s not often you see excavators on a roof, but that was the sight that greeted the Blogging Team on their latest visit to Newbury Racecourse! 


With the help of the excavators the huge concrete clad steel beams that supported the old Pall Mall building above the Royal Box are at last coming down! 



Inside the building work continues on the public toilet area with the internal walls and new ventilation system at an advanced stage.



Heating and hot and cold water plumbing supply work has also begun and the new copper pipe work can be seen in a number of areas.



 On the perimeter of our confined site the storm water drainage is now well underway. 




Click here for the YouTube video

The Amiri Blog Team

Ben Small and Chris Lewis, aka “The Blogging Team” are a key part of our Marketing and Business Development supply chain. They work closely with the Site Management teams on selected projects to digitally catalogue progress and share insight and technical information across our social media platforms.