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Open Day Blogging Team Visit

Blog update


The Blogging Team visited a very wet and windy Countess of Brecknock site as it was nearing completion during January.



Final decoration was taking place throughout the hugely impressive building and the installation of the specialised medical equipment had also begun.



COBH were holding an open day for stake holders to see the building for the first time and Ben and Chris greatly enjoyed chatting to the guests about the project they have come to know so well over the last year.



Outside the landscaping was receiving its final touches with the grass, paving and screening lending a soft and calm feeling to what is sure to become a vital new resource for the community of Andover.



Click here for the YouTube video

The Amiri Blog Team

Ben Small and Chris Lewis, aka “The Blogging Team” are a key part of our Marketing and Business Development supply chain. They work closely with the Site Management teams on selected projects to digitally catalogue progress and share insight and technical information across our social media platforms.