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Contract Award!

This contract, our second at Swanwick Marina and fifth with Premier Marinas, creates the new centre piece Pavilion building and Bridgehead to the pontoons for berth holders. The new Pavilion provides a flexible, two storey floor plan that offers up to 14 new business units on a berth-front site immediately adjacent to the new bridgehead and will be home to the sales offices for a number of prestigious luxury yacht brands. The new bridgehead provides secure trolley and refuse storage as well as dry security gate access to the marina berths – enhancing the experience for berth holders. 

Start on site: April 2021

Completion on site: Early 2022

Value: £2.7M

Leah James Business Development Co-ordinator

Leah is the present and future of Business Development in Amiri. With a father in building and having done her first work experience from school in the Business Development department of a Construction company it was inevitable that she would end up in the industry. Her inquisitive and creative nature allied to her outgoing personality means she’s a great ambassador of The Amiri Way as well as having an excellent entrepreneurial mind to put together all the right people for all the right opportunities.