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Amiri Welcomes Another New Team Member!

This week we welcome Adam Griffiths as a Senior Quantity Surveyor, he is getting re-aquatinted with Simon on our Sherborne School project where he will be working alongside him. Adam has two young children, George and Orla, is a keen golfer, is a Wolves fan – so has been a very happy man for the last couple of seasons - and loves spending time with the family exploring the south coast.

Leah James Business Development Co-ordinator

Leah is the present and future of Business Development in Amiri. With a father in building and having done her first work experience from school in the Business Development department of a Construction company it was inevitable that she would end up in the industry. Her inquisitive and creative nature allied to her outgoing personality means she’s a great ambassador of The Amiri Way as well as having an excellent entrepreneurial mind to put together all the right people for all the right opportunities.