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Amiri secure £7.14m project with New Forest District Council

Amiri secure £7.14m industrial unit and office scheme with New Forest District Council. 

Amiri Construction has been appointed by New Forest District Council to build five single-storey industrial units and two two-storey office units providing 49,458 square feet of employment space to the market. 

The project forms part of a larger mixed-use development located that is located at land at Crow Lane and will take approximately 46 weeks to build. 

Jon Daines, Area Director of Amiri’s Hurn office says “We are excited to have been entrusted the delivery of this project by New Forest District Council. This project combines our wealth of experience and knowledge of the Industrial and Commercial sectors. We look forward to using these delivering an exceptional Amiri project experience which will offer jobs and employments within the area.”

Southampton based Architect, Boyle and Summers, Hedge End based Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors, Currie and Brown are involved. Marbas, based in Winchester, are providing the Structural Engineering design. 

Leah James Business Development

Leah is the present and future of Business Development in Amiri. With a father in building and having done her first work experience from school in the Business Development department of a Construction company it was inevitable that she would end up in the industry. Her inquisitive and creative nature allied to her outgoing personality means she’s a great ambassador of The Amiri Way as well as having an excellent entrepreneurial mind to put together all the right people for all the right opportunities.