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Supporting Blue Light Services

When Cobham House, a run-down residential property, was going to be demolished to make way for a contemporary house designed to meet the owners’ exacting requirements, Hampshire Fire Rescue Service heard about the scheme and asked if they could lend a hand. Firefighters spent several hours pulling down walls, taking out windows and even removing a chimney during the demolition phase. Demolition training is very important to the Fire and Rescue Services because, during major blazes, fire crews sometimes have to demolish sections of buildings before they collapse and buildings like Cobham House are a perfect learning ground.


On our Emsworth Baptist Church project one of the buildings on site was being retained and the remainder were being demolished to make way for the new statement church building. Again, Hampshire Fire Rescue Service were invited on to site to use the building for a training day in order for them to practice safe demolition as well as building entry and exit techniques.


It is important to support the Blue Light Services in the local community and when Amiri have an opportunity to support the training and experience of our local Services we are more than happy to oblige.