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New Forest Basic Bank on site at Pegasus Lymington Gate

On-site at Pegasus Lymington Gate, the site team have started a food bank collection point for New Forest Basic Bank. The team have also gained support from the Lymington Branches of Elliott's and Travis Perkins, where you can make donations. We will also have collection points at our Bournemouth and Fareham offices, should you wish to donate.

New Forest Basic Bank is a charity that provides food and other essentials for people in need in the New Forest. Volunteers put together a food parcel of the donated goods, supplemented by fresh items purchased locally. These parcels are designed to feed a household for a week at a time, often delivered to their home due to how heavy these parcels can be.



Leah Putman Business Development Manager

Leah is the present and future of Business Development in Amiri. With a father in building and having done her first work experience from school in the Business Development department of a Construction company it was inevitable that she would end up in the industry. Her inquisitive and creative nature allied to her outgoing personality means she’s a great ambassador of The Amiri Way as well as having an excellent entrepreneurial mind to put together all the right people for all the right opportunities.