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Supporting Royal Navy Reservists’

Hannah, Quantity Surveyor at the Special Works Division of Amiri is currently a Royal Navy reservist serving at HMS King Alfred, Whale Island, Portsmouth. 


Having passed out as trained strength at HMS Raleigh this May, her aspiration is to join the Information Operations Branch, which involves gathering intelligence and cyber warfare. Her training is generally a mix of weekend courses at HMS Raleigh or BRNC Dartmouth and weekly drill night attendance within her unit at HMS King Alfred. She has had the privilege of enjoying a number of battlefield tours and Remembrance Ceremonies in Poland and Belgium, as well as attending leadership and management courses which supplements and develops her skills she can bring back into her civilian career.


The Royal Naval Reserve is a part-time force of civilians, who provide the Royal Navy with the additional trained personnel it needs at times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict. The Royal Naval Reserve, together with the Royal Marines Reserve, form the Maritime Reserves.


The Royal Naval Reserve is made up of around 3,000 men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life. They form part of the Royal Navy’s ‘total strength’. Around 25% of them have previously served with the Royal Navy, but most have no previous military experience.


The Reserve Forces are a vital part of delivering our country’s security, with reservists serving alongside their regular colleagues in every element of Defence. The skills and experience that reservists gain during their reserve service are often directly transferable to other parts of their life and we see much value in Hannah continuing her role as a Royal Navy Reservist.