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Amiri help the homeless

Joe Macey, one of our Senior Quantity Surveyors, came to us with a charitable idea to help the homeless. On one bitterly cold evening leaving work last month, his thoughts turned to how tough it must be for homeless people to survive whilst sleeping rough at this time of year, without the comfort of home to go to. There is currently a real pressure on homeless charities as the economic and mental health fall out of the Covid-19 pandemic bites, and a lot of charitable assistance dries up once the Christmas spirit has been extinguished...  So Joe, with Amiri’s full support, asked to help the Society of St James – a homeless charity who support homeless people across our operating region – This is them -  » What we do (ssj.org.uk)
Joe’s two projects have already started collecting donations and both sites have also made donations of 10 ‘Winter Warmer’ packs, consisting of thick socks, a hat and Thinsulate gloves. Together with this they have started a food bank collection for any tinned foods, jars, pasta, UHT milk, etc. This has had great success on previous projects across Amiri. Alongside this we have also asked for any donations of hygiene products. We all have those tins of food that will never get eaten or had those Christmas presents which will never get used; soaps, shampoos and any unwanted smellies are welcome to help the homeless get back on their feet when given accommodation by the Society of St James. 
We are proud that one of our team members has come up with such a great plan and as well as rolling the initiative out to all our sites and our Fareham and Bournemouth Offices we are inviting anyone who wishes to contribute to drop suitable food or hygiene products into the banks on site or our offices. During this very cold spell if anyone is willing to help with “Winter Warmer” packs – consisting of thick socks, a woolly hat and Thinsulate gloves then we are able to tell you that they cost £8.50 each +vat and can even order them on your behalf! Simply contact the sites or the offices. The sites alone have committed to a minimum of 10 – that means we’ve helped nearly 100 people prepare for the cold weather.