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Nightingale Lodge

Nightingale Lodge 12M

The design and build of 54 number 1 and 2 bed apartments for affordable rent and 17 number for shared ownership. 

There are 6 wheelchair user rooms and other rooms adaptable.  A daycare centre that is run from the communal area and this facility are also available to residents. Each apartment has a Tunstall call facility/ automation as required.  All apartments have a balcony with a view into the courtyard or across adjacent properties/ well landscaped grounds. 

We had multiple stakeholders on this project – the ultimate client, the end user client, Places for People, which runs the care home and Hampshire County Council which runs a daycare centre from the facility that tenants can also use.



‘I worked with Amiri for a year and half, and they had a great team of people working on our project. They proved to be reliable and professional, which reassured both Lovell Later Living and other key stakeholders. I had confidence that, together, we delivered this state-of-the-art Extra Care facility to the best of standards.’ 
Reiss Thompson, Project Manager, Lovell Later Living