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Successful summer works


In 5 steps

1. Identify and prioritise the most urgent projects only

There is money out there to help, Condition Improvement Funding being the most high-profile. Establish your needs and engage a team that can help you prepare the best possible bid to make your own money go further.

2. Get your bid in early

You won’t be the only education establishment planning to carry out work in the summer holidays! Plan early and engage with an experienced team. If they can see early commitment from you they will commit resources to your project.

2. Employ the right project team to support you

Schools are responsible for managing the projects to successful completion, including cost management. Engage early with a team of consultants that have previous experience of working on similar projects. Ability to commit quality resources to the scheme will be vital in achieving a successful outcome in the short timeframe.

4. Ask for advice and insight

Your Contractor will help you plan the sequencing of works to ensure that you don’t just get the project completed in time for the first day of term but that it achieves the highest quality finish and provides value for money. You do not want wet paint on new school uniforms!

5. Achieve no financial surprises

Early engagement of a contractor allows you to fix the price for the work early mitigating any budget ‘surprises’ during the work. You may even find yourself with a surplus budget to allocate to further improvements in the learning environment!

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For more information contact: Gary Lovell on 07920460165 or email Gary on garylovell@amirispecialworks.co.uk

Gary Lovell