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Stepping Up For Safe Streets


Road safety is very important. We believe that everyone should be able to get around in a safe and healthy way every day. Construction work helps communities grow and thrive, but Construction sites are dangerous and everyone should be aware of the ways to keep themselves safe when interacting with roads and pavements that are affected by Construction work.


We “Step up for Safe Streets” and want to share 12 things to help you stay safe near construction sites 


  1. Watch out for the warning signs near the site entrance and exits.
  2. Cyclists wear hi viz and fit powerful front and back lights.
  3. If cycling on the pavements slow down and be cautious near site entrance gates.
  4. Pedestrians be seen be safe (make sure you make eye contact with any drivers in and out of site gates).
  5. If you see something you feel is not right knock on the site managers door and have a chat.
  6. Be extra careful during wet and windy weather. It can be more difficult for drivers to see you in those conditions.
  7. Construction sites and entrances can be busy and noisy places. Make sure you are seen by the drivers before crossing roads.
  8. Wait for the vehicle to stop and let you across before stepping out.
  9. Stop, look both ways, listen, double check then cross when clear.
  10. Keep young children by your side hand in hand at site gates.
  11. After eye contact with the driver and the nod to go double check for other traffic before stepping out. Don’t rush.
  12. Take your time don’t rush.
Dave Gee
Dave Gee Construction Manager

Dave is Construction Manager within Amiri and, as such, leads the Production teams in the delivery of all the work that we do.