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Dan tackles Construction Management training

Dan Warren from Chandlers Ford is now benefiting from a management trainee scheme created by Fareham based Amiri Construction.  Not only does the former Thornden Secondary School pupil work with Site Managers at the various construction projects, Dan is also attending Southampton City College for 2 years studying to gain BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment and a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations. 

Dan, 19, is the first member of his family to become involved in the construction industry although he says that many friends and contacts have found employment in the construction industry across Southern England.

“I was fortunate to get the opportunity to develop a management career with a busy company 8 months ago.  At present the role of Site Manager is what I hope to achieve and the course at the college is already focusing on health and safety and the environmental considerations involved in construction projects,” said Dan.

Mark Vincent, Director at Amiri Construction, said “We are delighted that Dan is following in the footsteps of other Management trainees since the introduction of the scheme three years ago. We also top up Dan’s working knowledge as his course at the college is just one day a week.  As the construction industry is still in need of good people to meet the demand for building projects across the south, we feel its important to encourage a new generation who will build the future.”

Photo Caption: (from Left) Amiri’s Mark Vincent discusses the facets of site management with Dan Warren.


Mark Vincent Head of Sales and Marketing

The driving force behind business development at Amiri Construction for most of it’s life, Mark is a building surveyor by background, who has spent time working on site as well as in pre-construction and as a sub-contractor so understands the whole-life approach to project development.