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Apprenticeships are key!

We recently had the pleasure of being involved with the Dorset Careers Fair at the Bournemouth International Centre. A pleasure? Being in an exhibition hall with a myriad of businesses, all with their carefully crafted stands, their HR teams, their image and their free sweets and gifts scattered across their tables/pedestals – one even had doughnuts and ice-creams – and with an undercurrent of passive/aggressive competition in the atmosphere was a pleasure? Yes, it was a pleasure.

I’m not going to deny that I’m a competitive person but I’m also proud of the industry in which I work and if my time in it has taught me anything it’s that school and college aged youngsters are fascinated by the built environment and their place in it. They are intrigued as to how they could take their place in it. And our day at the Dorset Careers Fair proved it!

We were inundated with enquiring, fascinated and, perhaps most importantly, open minds keen to learn about the construction, property and development markets and learn how they could make a difference – because they really want to! 

Take a look at Dan Warrens recent interview about his time as a Construction Management Trainee with us. 


Jon Daines Area Director

Jon has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, with a diverse and wide ranging background commencing my career in Architecture working in an Architectural practice. He then had a change of career and then moved to Construction Management. Throughout his career he has progressed from Site Manager, Contracts Manager / Surveyor / Estimator, Operations Manager, and now currently Area Director. He has worked in all sectors within the industry but mainly recently in the commercial and education sector.