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Dave Gee's career development

Construction Manager

Dave is one of Amiri’s leadership team and has a wealth of experience in the construction sector which we have asked him to share with us

What started you on your career path into the Construction Sector?

I started working for my Dad’s decorating business in East London on weekends and school holidays from a very young age. During my time working for a small family business I learnt the skills of most trades until I decided to train as an Electrician. At College I was given an opportunity to join a small building company as a Site Manager looking after several projects, and I have continued to progress in Construction Management ever since.

What construction qualifications have you undertaken and/or currently undertaking?

I am qualified by experience with the education I have attained from the Construction Industry being primarily based around Construction Management and Health & Safety certifications.

What is the current project you are working on?

I have recently been promoted to Construction Manager with Amiri Construction, this will mean that I will oversee the teams delivering all construction projects in the future. Most recently in my role as Contracts Manager I helped the team complete the £5 million Lord Wandsworth College project and continue to work on the £4 million Locks Heath Free Church project.

In your role can you describe what goes on in a typical day?

It will depend on the day, but most days I am involved with meeting with Site Managers, Clients, Consultants and Third Parties to lead projects, report progress, offer support to site based teams and monitor performance against agreed criteria to ensure delivery of high-quality projects on budget and one time. As Construction Manager I will be working closely with all site teams to ensure compliance and consistency is achieved with our controls and procedures throughout the business as well as developing our knowledge sharing. We have a vast array of talent and sometimes the clever solutions or methodologies don’t always make their way through the teams as they should.  

What do you find the most interesting part of your role?

The construction industry takes you on a journey with a team of people at all levels, with different skill-sets, all wanting to achieve a common goal - giving you an opportunity to develop someone’s ideas and concepts into reality. You don’t know what obstacles a construction project will face, therefore you need to think quickly, pragmatically, realistically, and diplomatically to solve problems immediately and for the long-term as they arise.


What advice would you give to a young person thinking about a career in the Construction Industry?

Learn to communicate, through writing but also via phone and face-to-face. If you’re going to succeed in what you do, you have to find a way to resolve issues and work well with teams. Maintain calmness under pressure. Understand the company’s values and goals, stay focused, positive and don’t let negativity influence you.