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The Romsey School

Complete heating upgrade completed twenty weeks early, based on the original tender programme, to the delight of the client.


The works included a totally new building services installation. The lighting system to the main corridor was replaced with modifications to the existing fire alarm system, suspended ceilings were installed and redecoration undertaken to make-good.

Value £865,785
Location Romsey
Completed February 2018

The Mechanical and Electrical services subcontractor, ABS, introduced Amiri as the contractor that could successfully deliver this project. Previous experience with the M&E consultant team meant that ABS were already identified as a subcontractor having the competence and skills to deliver their large heating replacements work but lacking the ability to co-ordinate the builders work elements and overall client management. For this reason, they put us forward for the tender list being created by a consultant team we had not worked with before - we appreciate the trust that our supply chain put in us. Having competitively won the first stage tender for the project we engaged ABS as a subcontractor early to help us develop the second stage costs as well as build programme confidence and reduce the time spent undertaking the work.


To speed workability we went through a process of getting everyone  in the team enhanced DBS checked.


Planning and communication structure were very important due to the nature of the work and programming required in an operational school building. This challenge was increased by the fact that sometimes we would not know how long the work would actually take as there could be unforeseen issues with the rooms.

In response to fast-tracking the programme, where possible, we utilised labour availability at ABS early on in the summer holiday (project start). By identifying and using this labour we were able to get most of the strip-out completed, radiators hung and preparation for the new installation done in the six-week holiday. This meant that we only had to access the classrooms to connect the pipework and make good– not only did this save on disruption time when the building was in full occupation, but also gave us visibility whilst the site was unoccupied on any issues that may arise as the works continued.


The critical success factor for the client was about creating the least disruption and finishing as early as possible. The school was already near capacity for pupil numbers and had no scope or finances for temporary classrooms. The programme of work meant that we took two classrooms out of action at a time – this operated on a rolling programme that we coordinated on a weekly basis with the school timetable. At the latter stages of the project we were far ahead of programme - saving time on the programme meant the school had at least two classrooms available for more than ten weeks extra during the works - but this meant we started to clash with the exam schedule. We worked with the school and the subcontractors to mitigate disruption during key exam times – meaning only drilling and distributing materials at certain times of day. The school understood the benefit to them of this and worked with us to come up with a way that we could continue to maintain the exceptional progress.


We looked at the scheme differently and prioritised the programme as this was a complete central heating upgrade expected to last fifty-two weeks at tender stage. The project was such a disruption to the school that finishing early was the best solution -  the tender programme was fifty-two weeks, we programmed the project at forty-two weeks and the project team completed it in thirty-two weeks – finishing in the February half-term, not the Easter break, which made a massive difference to the school’s ability to quickly return to business-as-usual.


Leading with passion the Site Manager, Martin, helped the school develop a construction curriculum programme for the more vocationally focussed children at the school and also took a group of interested children on an exploratory site ‘day in the life of’ experience - giving them a typical site induction, walk round site and insight into business as usual on a construction site. Of Martin’s commitment to the success of the project Jane wrote ‘We have built up good working relationships with all parties of Amiri, including the sub-contractors; the Site Manager is proving to be pivotal to the success of the contract’.

[Amiri] have proved to be professional and effective, working under challenging circumstances in a fully working school environment.
Jane Mundy, School Business Manager