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Established in June 2018, Amiri Special Works was a response to a market request for a high quality, solutions driven, service that people have come to expect of working with Amiri applied to smaller, more complex, works. Such special works require expertise in programming, heightened supply chain response and detailed coordination within sensitive live environments. Projects range from minor works of a few thousand pounds to larger multi-million pound schemes that have bespoke challenges within programme and environment that require a special works approach.

Amiri Special Works is an integral part of the Construction business, led by Dave Gee and Dave Moore. They have a wealth of experience leading teams that are focussed on these types of project.  Their ability to understand the complexities of each scheme and provide the right management and supply chain solution to deliver high quality with the minimum of disruption or fuss means that the division had an excellent 2019, with a turnover in excess of £3 million and as well as helping existing client teams with their wider requirements has also continued to establish excellent repeat relationships of their own.

Amiri Special Works takes the DIRECT Approach to all its projects – with the client reaping the benefits.

Get in contact via info@amiriconstruction.co.uk for more information.