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Linde U.K. Headquarters remodel, refurbishment and fit-out

Stakeholder management was a priority as the building remained occupied throughout the works, and the site was in plain view of staff at all times. We proactively managed the fire escape routes throughout the building as they ran through our site and also traffic managed the flow of staff and visitors as the main reception and main lift was shut to accommodate the works.

We clearly provided routes and safe passage, creating a temporary main entrance out of an existing fire escape and clear route to another lift for DDA access at all times as we had removed the main lift in the building.

Value £1.6M
Location Basingstoke
Completed October 2018

The critical success factor was to minimise disruption to day-to-day activities of those occupying the building at the time and to manage expectations regarding timescales. We flagged disruptive work early – we didn’t wait from them to tell us to stop. Any pinch points we let them know so they could make alternative arrangements if they wished to. The client was pro-active and had already implemented agile working for those staff affected which helped to provide a positive engagement.

Identifying a potential issue on an existing door at the back of the building protected the new work we were undertaking from risk of future decay. The door leaked and was not easily accessible and because of the new kitchen position it meant it was going to be the main delivery door and it wasn’t fit for purpose.

This area backed onto our work and we raised this issue with the client as soon as we identified it. They instructed us to make it fit for purpose so there were no issues once the work was complete. We made sure that it was DDA compliant with a ramp, canopy, reroof and drainage alternation.

The refurbished door was made good and watertight and improved its usability.

We are very aware that critical infrastructure into a building, particularly one that remains operational, must take priority in the schedule. Within this project the procurement process for the installation of a new telecommunication link was undefined for a sustained period of time therefore we had to mothball certain elements and reschedule work until dates were confirmed which meant a rework the programme.

We find lines of continuous engagement very important on such complex works as there were lots of variations and changes throughout the whole project. We appreciate it can be difficult to mitigate for all future work practices, an example of this was during a staff visit to a part of the site that was being remodelled and refurbished for a particular department. During the visit it became clear that staff were disappointed at the layout and feeling of space. As we understood the client’s way of working we knew that a variation would occur so we stopped work in that area in anticipation. This would save time and cost in the long run and we rescheduled work elsewhere whilst we waited for a new instruction to come through. In the end this was a sizeable variation that we had to accommodate with no extra time allowed, but we knew that getting it right first time was a priority for the client so we made it happen.

Programme and communication were critical so we had big weekly meetings that included a variety of end users, including the facilities management team, department representatives and design team - often a 10+ strong meeting, to make sure everything was accounted for and everyone was happy with progress.

Our site teams make it priority to build understanding and rapport with our client’s team. Brett, the site manager built a good relationship with the client’s facilities manager, Cliff, who knew the building inside out - this together with an understanding and helpful client team ensured a smooth running of the project.

'Linde refurbished the ground floor of a four-storey building to include a new reception, canteen and more flexible meeting and office space. This was a large project for the business especially with employees still working on site. This made the project more challenging, but Amiri were able to help us manage this through regular communications and effective safety procedures. Amiri were also sensitive to Linde’s need to manage the budget tightly and at every stage of the project we reviewed spend together to ensure it was kept on track. We would have no doubt in using Amiri again for any future building works on any of our sites across the UK.' Michaela Jupp, Marketing Communications Manager

We would have no doubt in using Amiri again for any future building works on any of our sites across the UK.
Michaela Jupp, Marketing Communications Manager