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Rosemary Bridger's career development

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Rosemary who has been with Amiri for two years shares her thoughts and experience on working in the Construction Industry with us.

What started you on your career path into the Construction Sector?

I worked alongside my mother, who was an estimator’s assistant at Geoffrey Osborne and I used to assist in school, college and university holidays and I found it interesting.

What construction qualifications have you undertaken and/or currently undertaking?

Having finished my degree with Double Honours in Mathematics and Biology and started working for a main contractor I undertook a BTEC Advance National Diploma Level 3 in Construction Technology and Management and NVQ Level 3 and 6 in Estimating operations and Construction Management.

What is the current project you are working on?

CTEC Fareham College, a new civil engineering training building, circa £2.5 million is currently on site and I am finishing work on Brockhurst Gate Retail Park, Gosport and the a Pub extension and refurbishment completed at the end of last year.

In your role can you describe what goes on in a typical day?

Anything and everything, subcontractor and material coordination, management, placement and payment; variation pricing and assessment for subcontractor and client. Valuations, forecasting and measuring. Sending enquiries out for trade packages, comparing and reviewing. Meeting subcontractors, my site team and the client. It really is a very varied role.

What do you find the most interesting part of your role?

The role offers huge variety with the management of many tasks required. I also enjoy seeing a project through from start to finish and the diverse range of people I get to work with.

What advice would you give to a young person thinking about a career in the Construction Industry?

Work hard, triple check and investigate so you have all the information, talk to people, ask questions. It is all about experience, each project you learn at least one new thing even when you have been in the industry 30 years, so use it on your next one. Gain as much knowledge as you can from the people around you and the projects you are on, if you don’t know something or why a certain thing is being done, investigate what it could be for and why it is done a certain way, then ask, see if you were right or not!

Gain as much knowledge as you can from the people around you