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Amiri 2018 Overview



The business has delivered a solid performance during the year, with revenue of £40.2m, and a profit before tax of £0.9m.


The year saw the completion of our product diversification strategy initiated in 2017, with the introduction of Amiri Special Works. This new operating division specialises in more complex projects, often involving refurbishment and extension in live environments. This division complements Amiri Interiors and Amiri Construction, allowing the business to offer the market a complete range of construction services.


The business also concluded a branding review, bringing a more modern look and feel to the business.


As at 31 March 2019, Amiri Construction had secured 67% of budgeted turnover, placing the business in a strong position going forward.


With 2018’s work done we now move on to our plans for the future of the business.


Download the full Amiri 2018 Overview by clicking the download button below.

2018 Highlights